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Valentine, MT

Sighted on Friday 21. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 1 minute

Four orange lights in shyThere was an orange light in sky similar to fireball, then another appeared next to it, then a third, and a fourth. Once the fourth appeared, the first dissapeared, followed by second, and third. Then the third reappeared, followed by the second and first. Then one at a time the lights went away. They were not moving, did not make sound.((ADDENDUM))Witness reports that the diameter of the objects was approximately one-third the diameter of a full Moon. PD((END))((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he seemed quite eloquent and sober-minded to us. Two other individuals saw the objects, as well, and we have requested that they submit reports, to supplement this one. Corrected time of sighting apprears above. PD))

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