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Sighted on Monday 10. September 2012
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: 1 minutes

I worked the night shift on a drilling machine north-east 500 meters from the quarry (Latitude : 67.42381 Longitude : 23.35779). The object hovered over the quarry (in the quarry work was carried out on Saturdays and Sundays), height of about one kilometer. Cigar-shaped object shape, the length of 150-200 meters on either side of a bright glow reminiscent of the light from the halogen lamps. Next to a large object was not a big glowing object, which took off from a large object and flew off to the side. Above the point of the object was about 1 minute, then gradually stopped glow while not large object in turn will shift south and smooth flight to south-east. The facility is very well stand out against the sky was very dark. Weather: Visibility of more than 10 kilometers, cloudless, the temperature is minus 4.5 degrees Celsius, before the Moon 23 lunar day.

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