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Dryden (Canada), ON

Sighted on Saturday 08. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: not sure

Objects was pyramid shape,bright lights, staying in one spot and big.The Object seen was a pyramid shape, the colour was silver like new metal very bright. I seen only one, it was a clear night and the moon was 3/4 full, The object had three lights on the bottom and one light on the top. The top light and the light on the left were both a bright Green and the other two lights were Bright White. It seemed quiet largealmost the size of the moon. I live in a rural area 1/2 hour east of Dryden Ontario. It happened at Three AM I was taking my dog out side to go to do his business. The object was sitting in the east, south east of the house high above the tree's and to the right of the moon, it was like a painting could see The object very clear, I was frightened and took my dog back into the house right away. Not sure how long it was there before I went out or how long it stayed there. Was a frighting sight for me.

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