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Sighted on Thursday 06. September 2012
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Shape: Disk | Duration:

Saucer Shape UFOI shoot this photo on 06 September, 2012, 8:54:54 AM by my DSLR Camera inside the bus that moving about 60km/h, location at Taiwan, I can find out the exact location from the tour guide if you really interest on this.I never notice this small object in the photo when the time I shoot until I load to my computer few days later. I did shoot several time within 10 seconds in the same location, only the first photo I shoot appear this UFO like object, anywhere I attached all the photos for your research.I did show this photo to my friends and family but I never post it to the internet and I did not send this photo to other parties, only I have the softcopy of this photo and I never delete this photo from my camera SD memory card.If this photo really helpful for your research, I hope I can have some rewards. Thank you and regards.

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