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Cochrane (Canada), ON

Sighted on Tuesday 04. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: split second

bright light blinking on south side of town every 3-4 minutes for about a half an hour while remaining in same location in sky.Not much to report here but every 3-4 minutes a light approximately 20 X brighter than any star in the sky flashes for a split second. The interesting thing is that it has been doing this for about a half an hour but has not moved from its location.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada 2020-01-19 Disk with lights all around it 2h
Cochrane, Ontario (Canada) 2019-09-02 Star-like 00:00:15
Connaught, Ontario (Canada) 2019-05-07 Other 03:00:00
Wahgoshig First Nations, Ontario (Canada) 2018-02-11 Other 00:05:25
Iroquois Falls, Ontario (Canada) 2017-05-10 Square, Rectangular 00:01:00
Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario (Canada) 2015-07-28 Disc Undisclosed
Iroquois Falls, Ontario (Canada) 2015-04-18 Triangle 00:00:04
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2015-01-22 N, A 01:04:21
Moonbeam (Canada), ON 2014-08-22 Fireball 45 seconds
Moonbeam (Canada), ON 2014-08-22 Fireball 45 seconds
Iroquois Falls (Canada), ON 2014-08-09 Circle 30 minutes
Iroquois Falls (Canada), ON 2014-08-09 Circle 30 minutes
Iroquois Falls, Ontario (Canada) 2014-06-01 Other Undisclosed
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2014-04-28 Sphere 00:01:00
Moonbeam, ON 2013-12-15 Circle on going
Moonbeam, ON 2013-12-01 Light on going
Timmins (Canada), ON 2013-09-21 Unknown 15 minute
Timmins (Canada), ON 2013-06-22 Sphere 2-3 minutes
Timmins (near) (Canada), ON 2012-08-27 Fireball 2-3 seconds
Timmins (Canada), ON 2012-08-18 approx.10 seconds
Timmins (Canada), ON 2012-07-22 Sphere 30 minutes
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2012-07-16 Cone Undisclosed
Timmins (Canada), ON 2012-06-01 Light over and hour
Iroquois Falls, Ontario (Canada) 2012-02-16 Star-like Undisclosed
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2012-01-25 Sphere Undisclosed
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2011-08-17 Circle, Other 00:04:00
Timmins (Canada), ON 2011-08-14 Other 1.5 minutes
Timmins (Canada), ON 2011-07-17 Disk
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2011-07-09 Disc 00:00:30
Iroquois Falls (Canada), ON 2010-01-25 Unknown 1/4 second
Timmins (Canada), ON 2009-11-17 Unknown 1 minute
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2009-11-11 Other 00:00:30
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 2009-08-26 Cigar, Oval 00:01:00
Iroquois Falls (Canada), ON 2008-02-07 Sphere 15 seconds
Iroquois Falls (Canada), ON 2007-10-13 Triangle Approxmately 2 minutes
Timmins (Canada), ON 2004-10-20 Light 5 minutes
Iroquois Falls (Canada), ON 2002-08-12 Other About 20 seconds
Timmins, Ontario (Canada) 1999-10-21 Disc 00:03:00
Iroquois Falls, Ontario (Canada) 1989-08-30 Disc Undisclosed
Matheson (Canada), ON 1974-07-15 Sphere 3 seconds
Timmins (Canada), ON 1952-06-15 Disk hours