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Lima (Peru)

Sighted on Saturday 27. October 2012
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Shape: Rectangle | Duration: 3 minutes

Moving red and orange colored glowing ball or vertical cylinderTalking on the phone on my roof due to poor cell phone service, I looked up to the left where there was a bright red and orange glowing ball or vertical rectangle-type object. The district was firing off fireworks, but what I saw was NOT part of the show and was alone, moving on its own. Where I could see the fireworks, the object was to my back, in a total opposite direction. It moved slowly to the right and when I ran downstairs to get my camera to film a video, I returned with my girlfriend to the roof but the object was no longer visible. I waited on the roof for another 20 minutes hoping that the object would return, but no sign of it so far.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Lima, Callao Region (Peru) 2020-03-30 Circle 00:14:00
Callao District, Callao Region (Peru) 2019-02-27 Other 01:00:00
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Distrito de Lima (Peru) 2017-05-11 N, A
Distrito de Lima (Peru) 2017-04-12 Circle 00:20:00
Ventanilla, Callao (Peru) 2017-03-26 N, A 00:00:03
Pucusana District, Lima Region (Peru) 2016-11-09 Triangle 00:02:00
Lurín (Peru) 2016-08-22 Unknown 00:20:00
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2016-03-28 Cylinder Undisclosed
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2015-05-26 Triangle 03:00:00
Callao, Lima (Peru) 2014-04-15 Sphere Undisclosed
Lima, Lima Region (Peru) 2014-01-19 Circle, Star-like Undisclosed
Lima (Peru) 2013-11-10 Formation 4-5 minutes
Callao, Lima Region (Peru) 2013-05-12 Diamond 01:00:00
Lima (Peru) 2012-10-27 Rectangle 3 minutes
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2012-04-14 Circle, Fireball, Sphere, Other, Unknown 00:04:40
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2010-08-10 Blimp, Star-like 00:02:00
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2010-05-07 Flash Undisclosed
Cieneguilla (Peru), 2010-02-20 Cigar 1 minute
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2010-02-04 Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Circle, Cylinder, Disc, Egg, Unknown Undisclosed
Santiago de Surco, Lima (Peru) 2009-05-04 Diamond, Star-like Undisclosed
Santiago de Surco, Lima (Peru) 2009-05-04 Diamond, Star-like Undisclosed
Chilca, Lima (Peru) 2009-03-30 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2009-01-01 Disc Undisclosed
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2008-03-04 Circle, Disc, Oval, Sphere Undisclosed
Lima (Peru) 2007-05-20 Circle 30min
Lima, Lima (Peru) 2007-03-15 Disc 00:03:00
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Lima, Lima (Peru) 1999-12-01 Star-like Undisclosed
Lima, Lima (Peru) 1993-12-31 Other 00:05:10
Lima, Lima (Peru) 1985-12-31 Triangle Undisclosed
Lima, Lima (Peru) 1979-09-27 Cylinder Undisclosed
Lima (Peru) 1979-02-01 Circle 1-2 min.
Lima (Peru) 1978-02-15 Circle two minutes
Lima (Peru) 1968-10-01 Circle 2-5 minutes
Chosica (Peru) 1966-07-20 Cylinder 1 minute
Lima, Callao Region (Peru) 1890-10-28 Sphere 00:15:00