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Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Sighted on Wednesday 24. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 15-30 seconds

THIS IS TRUE- U CAN HAVE MY WORD! I was on the roof just staring into space- whole family was there, when I saw a faintly glowing rectangular object moving across the sky.It was not exactly rectangular(as in did not have 4 sides) It had a rectangular extension from one side, and I could clearly see 4 circles(either slightly brighter, or darker) on the object- 3 on the main body and 1 on the extension.It seemed to go as fast as a bird seems to go 10 meters above the ground, and it went SSW. I know for sure it wasn't a bird as it went at a steady pace, and I saw it was angular.It was pretty big(different people see things in different sizes so I have to compare it)It was the size of a passenger jet at average distance in the air. It didn't look very high- was obviously in Earth's atmosphere(or else it has to be huge in size). It moved absolutely silently.This is not all that I saw that night... I often see such things when I stare at the night sky.The same night I saw 4 white lights go in pairs of two. They went pretty fast and disappeared near the moon. It was going SES.I also see moving stars, usually like normal stars, some faint, some very bright. Some are even faint, but then become very bright like a fireball then disappear or fade back to its original brightness. Some are even red/orange. Sure they are not airplanes. They move at different speeds, some very slow, some faster than jet planes. IDK if they are satellites.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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