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Limon (near), CO

Sighted on Wednesday 24. October 2012
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Shape: Light | Duration: 2 minutes

Two bright orbs following car on Colorado's eastern plainOctober 24, 2012, returning home to Asheville, NC from Denver, Co. I'm writing of an experience on the eastern plains of Colorado about 4:45 this morning. Still very dark and I had been driving for about a half hour, taking over for Don, my partner, who was asleep in the passenger seat. The land is flat and I can see for miles ahead and behind as I drive on I-70 near Limon. I come up behind an 18-wheeler truck still several car lengths ahead of me. I look in the rear view mirror just to make sure there are no other cars coming as I prepared to pass the truck, (almost as an after thought because there have been no other cars for miles). Wow! There must be a huge truck behind me all of a sudden. The two headlights are higher and wider apart than even most big trucks and very close to my car, as if they are sitting on my trunk. And there are no other lights lining the cab or decorating the doors or bumpers like most big rigs. No noise. It was there so suddenly. I thought, "Well, he certainly wants to get around both me and the truck ahead of me, so I'll just let him pass," but he didn't. So, I get in the left hand lane and so do the two big lights behind me, simultaneously with my movement, keeping the same distance. I pass the truck in front, move over to the right to let Mr. Big Lights by and there is nothing except the truck I passed and me for miles. No exits, nothing stopped on the side. The lights just disappeared as they were behind me in the left lane. I kept blinking my eyes, looking in the rear view mirror...nothing. I know it was real, but it was the most unreal experience I've had in my life.

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