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Gimhae (Kimhae) (South Korea)

Sighted on Friday 19. October 2012
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 1-1.5 hours

The Night sky in Gimhae on the 10/19/12This was seen in the early morning hours of 10/19/2012. I was surprised as I was watching a clip on the internet of Present Obama at a Meet and Greet in t China 2009 in Shanghai. I would have watched around three quarters of this clip which wen for over close to an hour and looked outside and then onto the night sky and could not believe my eyes what I saw next.An object brighter than any star or natural light from the moon sun etc...I decided to get my camera out to take the shots that you will see in my email to your organization.I did some cross checking as well with some of the photos I have taken to verify its authenticity by highlight in circle cropped with some text to outline my experience.Please use this information to study the region here in South Korea. It is teaming with evidence that could link something that could be a major find I the skies above.Thanks very much.

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