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Kabul (Afghanistan)

Sighted on Sunday 14. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 5 minutes observed

Comet-like 'star' object seen over Eastern AfghanistanOn the evening of the 14th, approximately 2115 local time in an area several miles south of Kabul, Afghanistan I observed a stationary 'star-like' object in the Eastern sky, approximately 80 degrees E. It was a bright white light with a spherical white aura surrounding it, like a comet without a tail. It was the brightest object in the night sky.I suspected it might be Venus, but couldn't explain the 'aura'. I thought it might be star-light shining through dust in the sky but didn't see any similar effect on any other stars. A thunderstorm was passing Southeast that afternoon/evening into Pakistan as well. I observed it for about 5-10 minutes before going into my room.When I went to work the next morning I asked my night-shift subordinates if they had seen anything similar in the sky that night, and 1 said they had seen exactly what I described. They said it was there and did not move for a 'long time' and then just disappeared.I am a US Soldier with 12 years of Aviation experience on rotary wing aircraft, including 550 flight hours. I have observed 1 UFO that I reported here on May 12 2009. I am located on a FOB with an active airfield of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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