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Mountain Home, AR

Sighted on Friday 05. October 2012
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Shape: Other | Duration: 3-5 minutes

Three brilliant bright lights in a spaced line formation attached to an incredibly large aircraft in a diagonal position.Observed the three lights/aircraft while driving. My daughter noticed the crisp white LARGE lights to our left.The aircraft was in a diagonal position which appeared to be barely moving enough to remain in flight. Practically stationary.It's altitude was extremely low for it to be a normal aircraft. No mechanical sound was heard, ruling out it being a helicopter.The shape as I'm best to describe was unusually flat and large, with a very wide berth. Behind the lights, the shape was not very distinct.It remained in the diagonal position then abruptly disappeared. Total duration of sighting, 3-5 min.Luckily my daughter was present, otherwise I would not have believed my own eyes. Not mentioning it to any, as I would get looks of a nutter.

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