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Columbus, MS

Sighted on Friday 05. October 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 10-15 minutes

Bright Sphere like object or fireball spotted above Columbus, Ms with Military aircrafts appearing to investigate.A sphere shaped light or fireball sat in one place in the sky for about 5 minutes, and started moving westward once military jets started flying in its direction. 5 minutes later a second object of the same description appeared in the southwestern sky. As military jets flew in each of there direction they began to move in opposite directions, the 1st began flying back eastward on the same line it had just moved westward to avoid the first jet, and the second object moved further southwestward. Losing sight of the second object I fixed my eyes on the first object which at this time had moved far from where it had settle in the sky flying eastward as if it was going to fly directly above me, and after about two minutes before it was directly above me it started fading from sight eventually dissapearing. I'm sure that these were ufo's because of the amount of other air crafts that were in the air soon after. Also there is a military air force base & a loca! l airport here, as well as an industrial park where helicopters, drones, and other aircraft vehicles are manufactured, and being well versed on what type of air crafts are being manufactured in those buildings, I can bare witness that what I saw did not match any aircraft or object being manufactured in any of these locations. Another note to be taken, is that an excessive amount of birds were flying chaotically at the time of the spotting!

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