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Vrå (Denmark)

Sighted on Monday 01. June 1992
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: ?

intelligens elsewereI was driving in a stolen car a light apperd and, i was taken from the car to the spacecraft, the aliens showed my the future, and today i have special powers, suddenly i was back in the car and drowe in to a tree, a policeman saved my when i woke up i was on the hospital, I went from being a careless human to a new kind of human today i dont now who I am !!???I had to be told my name, introduced to my brother and mom and dad, grandparents,uncle and other reletives, today I'm living alone with my labrador dog, I only talk with my brother, mom and dad, sadly my grandfather, died last year, i miss him, but now that when human's die there is no new life only this one life, so i look out for my self, I have never seen anything (u.f.o) since 1992, but this story is 100% true, I now it becauce, It was ment to be!!!! I belive that life exsitst elsewere, orelse this could't have happent, I would like to hear from you I you would like to hear more details email me on ((e-address deleted)) ((name deleted))

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