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SE Oregon, NW Nevada or NE California border., OR

Sighted on Tuesday 12. February 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 15 minutes

Array of lights at the Oregon, Nevada, California border.The following report was submitted by Oregon UFO Research team member and long time UFO investigator Jean Bilodeaux in Northern California. This sighting has multiple witnesses, three total and took place near the Oregon, Nevada, California border. Many thanks to Jean for passing on this sighting and we will post any further information that comes forth in the future.Eric Byler - OUFOR.Jeans report...The first two witnesses live in Lake City, Calif. The town is not on all maps and is located approx. 10 miles north of Cedarville and 16 miles south of Ft. Bidwell. The first few sightings were estimated to occur over Fee Reservoir, which is barely in California and maybe partly in Nevada (The state line tends to vary from year to year). The third witness lives in Ft. Bidwell and saw the light over Bidwell Mountain which straddles the state line between California and Oregon (this mountain is NNW of Ft. Bidwell). The lights were spreading out to the north and south from the initial sighting.The sightings reported to me last night, 02-12-02 were large, bright orange lights in the sky. A man was soaking in his hot tub around 7:30 p.m. He had a view to the north and northeast, with almost no lights except for a small town (about 30 lights) 16 miles to the north. His attention was drawn to a bright light suddenly appearing in the northeast, (SE Oregon, NW Nevada or NE California)around 7:45 p.m. It was bright orange, and appeared suddenly about 10 degrees above the horizon over an unpopulated area. It was visible for about 1-2 seconds. It was just on and off..."A light being switched slowly on and then off." This was followed in turn by two lights, one light, three lights, one light, two lights, etc. Perhaps a total of about a dozen lights. They were miles apart and not associated with any populated area or roads. There is no commercial air traffic in the locations where the lights were seen. There were no 'tails' or anything to indicate these lights were meteors or satellites. The man viewing these lights has seen both meteors and satellites while soaking in his hot tub. They were not planets. He called to his wife and she saw three lights appear at once. She also felt they were not naturally occurring phenomena. The last light seen that night occurred when the man was reporting his sightings to me via telephone, at 8:00 p.m. The couple also called a friend that lived in the town to the north and asked them to look outside. The man went outside and saw the 8:00 p.m. light. None of the people that reported seeing the unidentified objects that night drink alcoholic beverages or indulge in illicit drug use. They are credible people and the first couple invited me to their home that evening in hopes of all of us seeing more lights. Unfortunately that was not the case.This is just another in a long series of lights being seen in this area. One such sighting, several years ago, was filmed with a video camera for 2 seconds before the couple tried to zoom in on the objects. The camera lost focus, but the existing footage was sent to Jeff Sainio to be analyzed. Jeff estimated the lights to be from a UFO approximately 750 feet in diameter. Another couple substantiated the sighting, which at times consisted of up to eight unidentified flying objects. UFOs are seen several times a year in this area. Some encounters have been very close-within 12 feet; some with interaction among the objects-shooting lasers at each other; missing time, a crop circle, and other anomalous events have occurred in this vicinity. The first and possibly only photo documentation of UFOs and abductions occurring together was in this area. Many of these events have had multiple witnesses, some with photo documentation. I believe this sighting to be another in a long series of sightings to occur here.((name deleted))((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Jean Bilodeaux, ultimate source of this report. Also, our gratitude to Eric Byler, Oregon UFO Review, for sharing, and submitting, this report. The latter's website is: <http://www.oregonuforeview.com/> PD))

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