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St. Lucia

Sighted on Monday 11. February 2002
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Hello. My boyfriend, ((name deleted)), and I were in St. Lucia a few weeks ago and we saw a few different UFO's. I saw a white light on Feb. 11 dance up and down and side to side in the sky and disappear behind Petit Piton. Soon after, behind me, ((deleted)) saw a red orb zoom by.Then, we noticed every night (for the 10 days we were there in Soufriere) at the same time - 10pm to 10:20 pm St. Lucia time (hour ahead of us) there was a flashing white light in the same spot in the sky. Just for 20 minutes. Then would seem to fade (or go further out?). It could still be there - if anyone knows anyone going there who could check on it! If you looked up at Orion, there is a very bright star to the right of it. Then if you go over just a bit more to the right and down, there it was same time very night.You have a lot of contacts - do you know anyone who might know what this is? Is there anyway this could be a satellite or something "man" made? If so, why flashing? Thanks, ((name, address, and e-address deleted)) Reading, PA 19605

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