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Redwood Valley, CA

Sighted on Saturday 02. March 2002
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 40 mins.

White light, blinking red lights, it moved all directions, hoovered for 40 mins. there was no sound then it slowly moved away and fadedI was sitting on my back porch looked at the stars noticed a bright one that seemed to be twinkling a bit more than the others and was rather low. Then I noticed that there was a red twinkle upon it as well, so I assumed it was a plane or helicopter, but it didn't move and there was no sound. Then it moved, upward and digonal. I watched it for approximately 5 mins. and noticed it seemed to be floating, swaying on occasion very silightly. Then I had my spouse come outside to look as well. We watched it hoover off in the distance, in the same general vicinty, moving left and right, in circles, etc. But not in an exagerated manner. It would leave brief and light tracers behind it when it moved. I couldn't see the shape, as it was very dark and it was in the distant sky. It was slightly brighter than the brightest star with a red twinkle that seemed to move to different locations around the white light. There was a haze around it, a glow, like stars have. We watched it together for almost an hour or so, then it started to move up, right and away and faded away gradually. Until it looked like just another faint star and then disappeared completely.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Sebastopol, California (United States) 2018-12-22 Star-like 00:10:00
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Nice, California (United States) 2017-06-17 Disc 00:00:03
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Albion, California (United States) 2015-12-31 Sphere Undisclosed
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Willows, CA 2015-11-13 Fireball night
Wilows, CA 2015-11-07 Unknown 5 minutes
Williams, CA 2015-10-20 Other 1 hour
Laytonville, CA 2015-10-09 Light 10 minutes
Point Arena, California (United States) 2015-10-03 N, A Undisclosed
Lucerne, California (United States) 2015-10-03 Sphere Undisclosed
Lower Lake, California (United States) 2015-10-01 Other 00:11:37
Ukiah, California (United States) 2015-07-22 Sphere Undisclosed
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Cobb, CA 2015-06-05 Circle 3 hours
Geyserville, CA 2015-05-29 Circle 4 hours
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Santa Rosa, California (United States) 2015-04-09 Star-like 00:00:01
Westport, CA 2015-03-15 Circle 5 minutes
Clearlake, California (United States) 2015-03-15 Cigar 00:14:00
Willows, CA 2015-03-09 Triangle 5 minutes
Leggett, California (United States) 2015-03-02 Triangle Undisclosed
Lakeport, California (United States) 2015-02-28 Star-like Undisclosed
Fort Bragg, California (United States) 2015-02-14 Unknown Undisclosed
Lakeport, CA 2015-01-27 Fireball 3-4 minutes
Fort Bragg, California (United States) 2015-01-03 Fireball Undisclosed
Fort Bragg, CA 2015-01-03 Fireball 10 minutes
Fort Bragg, CA 2015-01-03 Light 5 minutes
Lakeport, CA 2014-12-18 Oval 10 minutes
Potter Valley, CA 2014-11-27 Formation 3 minutes
Santa Rosa, California (United States) 2014-11-12 Triangle 00:02:00
fort bragg, CA 2014-10-19 Light 8 minutes
Covelo, California (United States) 2014-10-17 Star-like Undisclosed
Windsor, CA 2014-10-08 Light 30 minutes
Cloverdale, California (United States) 2014-10-03 Oval Undisclosed