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Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Sighted on Sunday 31. March 2002
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 4 minutes

As it broadened in shape the centre of it would turn dark as if hallow(empty) in fact at a point it was so large that it seemed like onI am an interdiscipinary artist and since I am not seldom to watch outside up in the dark at night. That's what I did as usual last night from my balcony. This time though since I know that there are no airplains flying above the city at night I was right away brought into thinking that something different from an light airplain was visible up in the sky. It went on and off at intervals and it had a glare at times wide around itself at others that glare would shrink rapidly, although not compleately disappearing. It stood still for approx. 1 minute and a half then it started moving slowly westward. It stopped and went into shining again, like if it were a star pulsing. It was evident however that a star it was not. Hanging immobile there in the darkness it enlarged in shape still keeping a formidable and very bright light all around itself. But the strange thing it happened to be that as it broadened in shape the centre of it would turn dark as if hallow(empty) in fact at a point it was so large that it seemed like one could see the dark sky through it. 2 minutes approx. and as I was watching it shrunk again. It became a bright point in the sky and then begun moving further westward, slowly and it eventually disappeared.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Spaarndam, Noord-Holland (Netherlands) 2018-07-15 Triangle 00:00:05
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Amsterdam, North Holland (Netherlands) 2018-02-01 Square, Rectangular 00:01:00
Bergen, Noord-Holland (Netherlands) 2017-10-18 Sphere 00:00:03
Huizen, Noord-Holland (Netherlands) 2017-09-03 N, A 00:05:05
Huizen, Noord-Holland (Netherlands) 2017-09-03 N, A 00:05:25
Breda (Netherlands), 2017-05-15 Other 3-4 seconds
Arnhem (Gelderland)(Netherlands), 2017-02-24 Light 2 seconds
The Hague (Netherlands) 2016-11-28 Light ~5 minutes
Papendrecht, South Holland (Netherlands) 2016-08-25 Cross 00:00:05
Rheden (Netherlands), 2016-08-22 Light 15 minutes
Tilburg, Noord-Brabant (Netherlands) 2016-07-25 Triangle 00:30:00
Schiedam, Zuid-Holland (Netherlands) 2016-07-24 Star-like 00:00:40
Apeldoorn, Gelderland (Netherlands) 2016-06-12 Triangle 00:02:00
Wamel, Gelderland (Netherlands) 2016-04-01 Star-like Undisclosed
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Heerhugowaard, Noord-Holland (Netherlands) 2015-09-10 Disc Undisclosed
Spijkenisse, South Holland (Netherlands) 2015-08-07 N, A Undisclosed
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland (Netherlands) 2015-07-30 Sphere Undisclosed
Den Helder (Netherlands) 2015-03-14 Cigar 2 minutes
Hoorn (Netherlands) 2015-01-18 Disk ~3 days
Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2014-10-05 Fireball 3 minutes
Hilversum, Noord-Holland (Netherlands) 2014-05-31 Square, Rectangular Undisclosed
Culemborg, Gelderland (The Netherlands) 2014-03-21 Unknown Undisclosed
Zoetermeer (Netherlands) 2014-03-10 double lights 10 seconds
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland (Netherlands) 2013-12-31 Blimp 00:04:00
Hoorn (Netherlands) 2013-11-26 Round 30 minutes
Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland (Netherlands) 2013-10-12 Sphere Undisclosed
Gorinchem, South Holland (The Netherlands) 2013-08-23 Cylinder, Flash, Star-like, Other 00:02:30
Amsterdam (north part) (Netherlands) 2012-11-13 Oval 5 minutes
Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland (Netherlands) 2012-08-18 Diamond 00:00:10
Zwolle (Netherlands) 2012-06-16 Light 3-5 minutes
Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2012-06-09 Formation 5 minutes
Spaarndam, North Holland (Netherlands) 2012-06-07 Sphere 00:10:00
Amersfoort, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2012-05-27 Unknown Undisclosed
The Hague, South Holland (Netherlands) 2012-05-24 Cylinder 00:08:00
Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2012-01-08 Light 15 min.
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (Netherlands) 2011-10-02 Triangle 00:01:00
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2011-09-03 Disc 00:00:12
Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2011-08-28 Disk 10 seconds
Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2011-08-25 Circle
Anhem (Netherland) 2011-06-09 Oval 5 minutes
The Hague, Zuid-Holland (The Netherlands) 2011-05-21 Boomerang, Triangle 00:10:08
Heerhugowaard, North Holland (Netherlands) 2011-04-14 Oval 00:00:40
Heerenveen (Netherlands) 2011-03-12 Formation 10 minutes
Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland (The Netherlands) 2011-03-07 Star-like Undisclosed
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2011-02-27 Star-like Undisclosed
Arnhem (Netherlands) 2010-11-28 Rectangle 20 seconds
Meppel (Netherlands) 2010-11-15 Chevron 4-5 sec
Woudrichem, Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands) 2010-10-06 Disc Undisclosed
Barendracht (Netherlands) 2010-09-17 Disk 20 minutes
Dirksland 2010-07-21 Unknown atleast 30 minutes
The Hague, Zuid-Holland (The Netherlands) 2010-07-10 Fireball, Flash, Sphere, Star-like, Other 00:00:01
Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2010-06-30 Light 2-3 minutes
Utrecht (Netherlands) 2010-03-13 Disk 1 hour
Utrecht, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2010-03-13 Circle, Disc 00:00:15
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2009-12-31 Circle, Fireball, Sphere 00:00:45
Woudrichem, Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands) 2009-10-17 Disc 00:00:40
The Hague (The Netherlands) 2009-08-26 Oval 4 seconds
Oosterhout (Netherlands) 2009-07-25 Circle 1 minute
Vught (Netherlands) 2009-07-18 Circle 3/5 minutes
Alkmaar, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2009-06-05 Sphere, Triangle Undisclosed
Alkmaar (Netherlands) 2009-05-19 Light 60 seconds
Utrecht, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2009-05-19 Unknown Undisclosed
Woudrichem, Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands) 2009-03-29 Cigar 00:00:10
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2009-03-21 Sphere 00:00:05
Amstelveen (Netherlands) 2009-03-02 Oval 3 minutes
Groesbeek (Netherlands) 2009-01-01 Other 5 minutes
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2008-12-31 Sphere Undisclosed
Apeldoorn, Gelderland (The Netherlands) 2008-10-10 Star-like 00:05:00
Hilversum (The Netherlands) 2008-08-31 Cross 3:20
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2008-08-28 Circle Undisclosed
Tilburg, Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands) 2008-08-24 Disc 01:00:00
Egmond aan Zee, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2008-07-04 Disc 00:00:01
Utrecht, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2008-05-10 Circle, Oval 00:05:00
Utrecht, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2008-05-10 Circle, Oval 00:05:00
Harmelen, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2008-04-06 Star-like Undisclosed
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2008-04-04 Disc Undisclosed
Amersfoort (Netherlands) 2007-12-31 Cylinder 5 min.
Huizen, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2007-11-14 Triangle, Other Undisclosed
Twello (Netherlands) 2007-08-23 Unknown 5 seconds
Velson Noord (Netherlands) 2007-08-22 Light 10 minutes
Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 2007-06-22 Rectangle 5min
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland (The Netherlands) 2007-06-20 Star-like Undisclosed
Elst, Gelderland (Netherlands) 2007-05-01 Star-like 00:01:00
Duiven (Netherlands) 2007-04-14 Oval few seconds
Voorburg (Netherlands) 2007-03-14 Circle 15 minutes
Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2006-11-18 Flash 1 minute
Dongen (Netherlands) 2006-03-14 Formation 5 sec
Almere (Netherlands), FL 2006-01-18 Other 1 min
Soest (Netherlands) 2005-11-05 Circle 3 seconds
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands) 2005-09-17 Disc, Triangle Undisclosed