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Dover, AR

Sighted on Monday 22. April 2002
Reported on
Shape: Flash | Duration: 25min

there were 4 objects first two were flashing three times per second high alt.the trailing one caught the leader at a very high speed as they closed there gap I notice that there was an object approching from the north of them it was a very faint dark red in color as it caught the two it look like an explosion more like a star brust and was ten times brighter then the two flashing object a few secounds later another one came from ths same dir but it slowly moved west in a diffrent path due south. when all this happen my sister had called me and said that she thought she saw a ufo I told her I would go outside to see if I could see anything she lives ten miles south from me and all this event happen when I was on the phone with her I then went out to her house to see if I could see the same object and we saw a star that she thought but the other objects were not as we were talking we were facing east when we saw a flash we then looked west and saw another flash it was a clear nite no clouds its was bright green the flash was like a eletrical discharge its was not lighting more like a glow it was in the same that the flashing light were going in

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