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Bakersfield (1 hour north of), CA

Sighted on Friday 29. March 2002
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: 1-2 min

triangle shaped object off of I5 California 3/29/02my boyfiend and i were driving south on I5 in California. my boyfriend saw a bright light in the air which i didn't see since i was driving. we kept driving south, towards where we saw the light and saw this object, it had 3 very bright lights on the front,diamond shaped, it was a dark grey color, not black, it did have a red light and it would make very sharp turns that no airplane i have ever seen could have made. it hovered on the side of the freeway, on the north bound side and then would float down the side of the freeway, over a field and turn very sharp. at some points i thought the object was trying to land, it looked like it was having troubles. we watched it float around, making sharp movements, we even saw the belly of the object and the creases it had where it was put together. we just kept driving and looking back until we didn't see it anymore. another odd thing was while we were driving off, a highway patrol man was going atleast 100 mph north bound towards the object. i know that many people saw this object, being Easter weekend and all. we weren't driving fast, maybe 55mph-60mph and traffice was bumper to bumper so there were many witnesses. i have never been into ufos or anything of that nature, this is the first experience i have had and i didn't share this information with anyone else other than my family and a few close friends. i wasn't scared at all while i saw the object, i actually kept forgetting about it. my brother is the one that seems more into this than i am, that's why i wrote, he found this website. hope this information is helpful to someone. thanks.((NUFORC Note: We spoke with the male witness, and found him to be quite eloquent and serious-minded. We would welcome reports from other witnesses who may have been witness to this object. PD))

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