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Albury (NSW, Australia)

Sighted on Saturday 04. May 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 5mins max

Large Orange Mars-like ball and small star-like object descend from sky in Albury, NSW Australia.Tonight at just after 6pm on Saturday 4th of May, 2002...my husband and I were driving down our street about to turn into our main street and just before the intersection I looked out the front windscreen and saw a large orange light that looked like what I thought was the planet Mars. (I have never seen Mars before in the night sky and thought that this was one of the planets in the planet alignment that is going on at the moment.) I said to my husband "Look...that must be Mars...thats right the planet alignment is still happening now". We have been looking every time we remember to see if we can see the planets align with our naked eyes every time we leave or enter our house. We have been seeing big bright stars that we are gathering to be the planets that are aligning...but this one was different in the fact that it was a BRIGHT ORANGE! THat is why we assumed it must have been Mars.My husband said "WOW." thinking it was Mars.There was a small but bright white star just above this bright Mars-like planet and it was very close above the star like maybe a centremetre at the most directly above the orange planet.This was all very interesting but not unusual in the idea that we were looking at what we thought was Mars.Then as we were almost at the intersection I said "Look-its moving!"...my husband looked up from the road and said "What...Mars?" with a tone of disbelief in his voice, as I would have also if I were him.I said "No...the little white star above it!".He looked and yep it was moving alright. He didnt believe it until it actually OVERLAPPED THE MARS LIKE PLANET! then it kept on falling/moving down vertically. It was descending at a slow steady pace. We followed it to a darker part of the same road and when we got to the cemetary we stopped but about halfway up the road before the cemetary the white star faded out kinda instantly.I said stop the car when we got to the cemetary a few hundred metres later as I still wanted to stare at the sky (as my eyes had been glued 100% at this white descending star) and I wanted to get out of the car and look in the darkest part of the road where we were now at. My husband wouldnt let me get out of the car as he feared we might get mugged and rightly so lol. I also didnt know we were next to the cemetary or I might not have been so keen lol.I looked up again from where the white star had vanished about a quarter up from the bottom of our windscreen (we drive a small car) to look at the Mars like planet again and my husband said that it had gone...I said "it has not" and I looked at where the Mars like planet WAS and it WASNT THERE ANYMORE...I said "What happened to the Mars thing?" and he said with disbelief and incredulity in his voice "DIDN'T YOU SEE IT? It disappeared exactly like the little white one did!"...I said with disbelief in my voice "NO!" and he said "Yes...I saw it...didnt you see it?" I said "No...I was too busy watching to see if the little white one would come back"...he said "Well it did exactly the same thing as the little white one did-where is it then...look its not there..I'm telling you it did the exact same thing as the white one did!" I said..."What it descended vertically and then faded above the horizon in the same place the little white one did?" and he said "Yes!" ON a side note...there was an article in our local paper about LOTS of ppl ringing in to report large orange lights in the skies a few weeks ago...I thought nothing of it as we didnt see them...and secretly I thought that they were silly and were mistaking the planets in the planetary alignment for UFO's...now I know better! If we didnt see this ourselves than we would have thought that all those ppl that reported those lights weeks ago were idiots...but now we know that they are not! I read about the other reports from Wodonga and Adelaide on this sight with great amazement! I didnt know that Adelaide saw those lights a few weeks ago also? But what about tonight? Did anyone see anything tonight around 6pm? We also saw what we thought were stars too small and too fast and too horizontally moving to be be stars or meteorites on the night of those meteor showers a month or so ago but that was NOTHING compared to this sighting and whereas I could be fairly easily convinced that those were airplanes...I KNOW THAT THIS SIGHTING TONIGHT OF THE ORANGE MARS LIKE PLANET AND THIS SMALL WHITE STAR WAS NOT A STAR OR PLANET-BUT SOME SORT OF UFO.As for airports and military bases...well there is an airport in the opposite direction to where we saw these objects tonight...and there is a military base at Bandiana past Wodonga.What are these spacecraft/lights? And why so many sightings now? Is it because of the theory that UFO's like to try and hide in the sky when there are meteor showers and alignments so you'll confuse them and think that they are normal occurances? By the way I dont think that there was a moon tonight...we didnt see one.I'm not sure if there was a moon the night of the meteor showers but it was also a dark night.I think I'll go write a letter to our local paper now...my first letter ever to a paper as I am motivated by the thought that there are other local ppl that might have see this tonight.Thanks for listening.By the way...the mars like planet and star were high in relation to our car windscreen..in other words it was about 3 quarters up the windscreen at least.Also there were no noises that we could hear and no other effects these were purely light objects...in other words no 'craft or metal etc' could be seen.

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