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Monroe City, MO

Sighted on Monday 13. May 2002
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Shape: Teardrop | Duration: few minutes

Driving a bigrig at 3:00 o'clock in the morning isn't always boring, especially when you are passed by a UFOI was driving west on state hi-way 36, in my semi, when I noticed an object coming towards me. It was slightly off to my left. At first I wasn't sure what it was. It was low to the ground, about 1000ft, and it had one light on top that flashed very brightly. It was a white light and it flashed about every 5 seconds. As it approached me it was moving at about the same speed as a passing car would. I slowed down because something seem odd about it. unfortunately, I was loaded very heavy and did not have time to stop before we passed. So I was trying to look at it and drive at the same time. I got two real good looks at it though as we passed, and when the light flashed it lit up most of the craft. It was gray and kinda shaped like a hot air ballon. But with very rigid angles. It also had none of the lighting required by the FAA. It mayed no sound. Never changed course, speed, or altitude. There is also no airports for 60 miles. So that furthered my suspicions. Well as I drove away in the opposite direction, I watched its flashing light in my mirror for a mile or two. I noticed the lights of another semi behind me. I got on the CB and asked him if he had seen that flying object. He saw exactly what I saw. No wings, no sound, no blades, no reason not to believe that we just saw an UFO. I saw one very similiar to that one flying the same way about a year earlier, about 100 mile away near Havana IL, What a feeling to witness such an event.

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