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Ville de La Baie (Canada), PQ

Sighted on Sunday 14. April 2002
Reported on
Shape: Formation | Duration: 10-30 seconds

Kite shaped ufo moving softly and without a noise in the night sky over SaguenayI was sitting on the roof of my tool shack to watch the stars, I had turned off the outside light to see the stars better, then once on the roof I looked to my left and this ufo was there, it was shaped like a sort of huge bird or kite. What I could see was tiny little lights big as the stars you see in the sky and a sort of silhouette shaped like the kite or bird which was definite by the little lights. It moved softly to the right and then disappeared behind the trees, it made no noise. The sky wass claer of clouds, my glasses have no stains and I'm not on drugs or alcohol.There is a military base in my town and 2 usins, one of paper and one of aluminium, that's about it, it happened like more than half an hour ago, it was rteally true, I saw somerthing whatever it is I swear!

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