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San Felipe (Baja California) (Mexico)

Sighted on Wednesday 17. July 2002
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Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 30 minutes

there are objects in the baja area not yet identified!!!!!!!!for several days i had witnessed an object that had a brillant red, blue, green color to it. it was actually moving. i videod it. it had a bright yellow center and appeared to change colors drastically and very fast. when i transfered the 8mm video to vhs format i could still the video and then i took the color away to see a cylinder shaped object. then last night i saw five objects like this and several white lights moving very fast across the sky. at one point i saw a flash as if a cannon was fired in the night. also an object like a triangle just floating there. while i was videoing the objects something appeared before me approximately 2miles away. it had very bright red lights on it. my girlfriend could see with the aid of binoculers a gold mettalic object there but she saw more lights than my camera would pick up. the object was hovering over the sea of cortes and it was dark except for the red lights. this object disappeared as if it was time warped. it was so fast. i do have the objects on tape now. i would almost say they were stars but the stars i videoed did not have the same colors. it looked like propolusion units of some sort. i hope to get more footage of them tonight. it was incredible. i am not able to send the images just yet. im typing this on the company computer and my phone line for my new computer is being installed tomorrow at home. plus i dont know who to trust with this information.

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