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Clinton, MS

Sighted on Friday 12. July 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: appx. 2 minutes

Triangular object seen twice within one hour, in a city area, 4 witnesses.At approximately 10:08PM CST, me,my friend, and my 2 cousins were traveling down Morrison Drive heading North, I looked at the tree line and spotted a flying triangular object, with what appeared to be 3 white lights in the front but as it passed over it i observed that there was a light on each corner of the triangle and the two on the back were shining forward in bright intensity as to cast a beam of light straight ahead. There was also a smaller, less bright light on the back between the two bright ones, and one red in the middle. I called the attention on everyone in the car, I screamed "stop the car" we all saw the object as it was hovering then sped off SW then disappearing, it was then 10:10 PM. It was about 100 ft. or higher in the sky.The sky was clear, no clouds, and no visible stars.I am a ammature ufo researcher, I read about them in my spare time, This is the first absolute clear image i have ever seen. My friend, Jennifer, is not a real believer in any paranormal. One cousin, Courtney, WAS a straight skeptic until last night. and my other cousin, Kristin, was neither believer nor skeptic.At about 10:45-10:50, we were at my house, when we decided we had better draw what we had seen while it was fresh on our mind. Kristin was in my room, she screamed she heard something above the house we ran outside just in time to see it take off from over our house heading straight SW again. I am positive it was the same object, I live less than one mile from where the first sighting was spotted.

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