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Hama Hama River, WA

Sighted on Thursday 13. June 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 4 secs

it was very blunt lasting 4 seconds, and after a while and the more we thought of it, the more dreamy it became.. but we saw thatwe were packing up by the lake.. to go back to the cabin then I was looking at the stars and I spotted a low orbit satellite.. so fine I keep looking at it for fun then all of a sudden another light (just like another star, no colors or anything weird)comes from the left faster than the sat.. completely stops for a second, then it makes a perfect U turn like a horseshoe shape and goes the other way.. 180 degs. from the previous trajectory.. then it stopped again.. looking just like a star.. then I looked at my friends.. by then I was yelling already.. my buddy saw everything.. and we described exactly the same thing

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