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None, CO

Sighted on Friday 26. July 2002
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Shape: Flash | Duration: 3 - 4 seconds

Yellow strobe-like flashing disc rapidly heading east next to county road.We (myself, girlfriend, her 17 y.o. son, my two kids and their cousin) were returning home from the El Paso County fair in Calhan, travelling west on Judge Orr Road. We had crossed Ellicott Highway a few miles back when a bright yellow flash ahead and to my left caught my eye - the best I can describe this is a round disc, maybe 6" in diameter, 50 - 100' south of the road, 8 - 10' in the air, travelling east (parallel to the road) at a rapid speed and flashing with strobe intensity perhaps three times per second. I looked over and saw maybe 5 or six flashes as it passed us, then saw a few more in my driver's side mirror. It was very dark and overcast (it had rained lightly earlier) and no stars were visible. We heard no sound and could discern no shape, but my girlfriend, her son and I all saw the flashing disc. We all turned to each other and said, "What the heck was THAT?" Strange, we've only discussed it once since then, and we can't come up with a plausible explanation; I'm familiar with that stretch of road, and there is no parallel road or railroad track there, NOTHING. There IS a small airfield 10 miles west of there, but would a plane travel 10' off the ground with no other lights, hugging a county road and be completely silent?

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