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Shenzhen (China)

Sighted on Wednesday 26. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 10min

China's fifth UFO sighting in a wave that began in April 2002I am not the first to see it that night. A newspaper reporter reported first seeing it at 745pm. He estimated the elipitical objects' size as 1,500 meters tall. He followed it south from the airport where police and other people had gathered. Photographs were taken by the reporter. It was observed from 745-9pm by several witnesses.At 8pm, I left my home to visit the store. In the west I observed a "star" 10x larger than a magnitude 1. I went home and didn't put too much attention as to what I saw. At 8:20, I arrived home to observe the full moon that had rose out of the west and now was quite high in the sky. In the lower left hand side near the ground, I saw abright flash of an elipitical object, one eighth the size of the full moon take off at a tremendus speed. Two helecopters were following, unable to keep up.The next day, the full story was printed in Shenzhen's local newspaper, The Daily Sunshine.

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