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Cold Lake (Canada), AB

Sighted on Thursday 11. July 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 06 min

bright light silently travelling from north to east various altitude.Star close to straight North. About 5 degrees east of it, same magnitude, a light started to move east initialy level and then climbing. originated approx 50 degrees from horizon. at approximately 20 degrees east from initial position, still in a climb, light faded away only to reappear another 10 degres heading east. Some heading change(apparently up and down), continued moving east and then slowly faded away still heading east apparently climbing. Obsrved by a student pilot, a AEC officer in CAF for 20 years and a graphic artist, also scout leader used to sky observations. the light finally faded approximately 20 degrees east from initial positon at about 60 degrees from horison. No sound accompanied this phenomena.bright light traveling((NUFORC Note: Based on the observers' experience, we suspect that the report is quite credible. The object probably was not a satellite if, in fact, it was in sight for approximately 6 minutes. Almost certainly, a satellite would not be visible in the night sky for that long. Please see other reports for this time and date. PD))

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