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Cameron, OK

Sighted on Thursday 30. May 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 3 MINUTES

Large, Low-Flying Object SightedWe were driving through Cameron and I saw slow, flashing lights reflected on the upper part of the windshield. I looked up through the windshield but didn't see anything and just absently thought, well, thats a reflection, but realized that there was nothing I'd seen that there could be a reflection from, so I looked upwards through the windshield again, and was jolted by what I saw. It was a very large, low flying object. The ligts on the front of the object looked like large windows. My companion had put his head outside the window and asked if I was seeing what he was seeing. He was driving, and almost ran off the road, so he told me to look through the rear window to see if I could see it. I saw it seeming to follow the side of the highway, then veered off, crossing the highway and was out of sight, over an area of dense trees. My companion had seen the lights approaching us while driving, but thought they were stationary. I did not see them until the craft was overhead. When he put his head out the window, he was looking up underneath it, and saw the triangular outline of it, with very soft solid lights, but the flashing light(s) were on top of the object. I did not see the lights on top, or the triangular shape of the object from the front view. It was a low, slow-moving object, and despite its size, there was no sound coming from it whatsoever.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))

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