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Kilkenny (Republic of Ireland)

Sighted on Monday 01. July 2002
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 3 seconds

Flashing Lights in night sky come for second visit.It was a very clear night and I was out in my parents back garden watching the stars with 2 friends. We were actually talking about strange things we had seen in the sky over the past few years. I had only told them both about a time when I woke up at approximately 03.30 and for some reason went to the window of my bedroom and looked up to the left of my window and saw 3 very bright lights flash in the sky one after the other in a trianglular space apart. They were about as bright and large as a street light if it was about 100 metres away in the night. One flashe dthen a second later another and then another. I thought it was pretty mad and tried walking my girlfriend incase it happened again but nothing happened after that.So this night a few weeks back I was telling my friends this story. I know this sounds like pure bull buts it honestly isn't. I had told them my story and it was about 20 minutes later and I was facing both of them talking, when from roughly the same spot in the sky the same type of yellowy bright lights flashed again. Again they were from a north easterly direction and seemed to be the same distance apart. This time however there was only 2 of them. To give some idea of distance they were about the length of a standard pen apart if you held it at arms length from you and looked at the sky. There was no particular shape that I could make out.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Galtee Mountains, Glencoshabinnia, Condado de Tipperary, Irland 2022-09-14 Bright light 1 min
Dolphin’S Barn Street, Dublin, Dublin D08, Ireland 2022-08-14 Orb Plus 20 min
Mitchelstown, Cork, Ireland 2022-06-27 Sphere 5 seconds
N91 R2A0 2022-06-01 Fireball 4 minutes
Nenagh, Tipperary 2021-05-26 light 5mins
Portlaoise, County Laois (Ireland) 2020-05-27 Sphere 00:01:00
Wexford, County Wexford (Ireland) 2020-01-26 Star-like 00:10:00
Gorey, County Wexford (Ireland) 2020-01-19 Chevron 00:05:00
Dublin, County Dublin (Ireland) 2019-05-12 Unknown 00:05:00
Athlone, County Roscommon (Ireland) 2019-02-02 Blimp
Monksland, Rosscommon (Ireland) 2019-02-01 Flickering lights moving up down watch the video of the sky and look for the light there was too lights a good distance apart but i could only capture one light but look closely I saw for 5 mins
Gorey, County Wexford (Ireland) 2019-01-29 Star-like 00:30:00
Gorey, County Wexford (Ireland) 2018-10-19 Sphere 00:30:00
Kilcullen, County Kildare (Ireland) 2018-09-14 N, A 00:01:00
Clondalkin, County Dublin (Ireland) 2018-09-04 Oval 00:00:10
Limerick, County Limerick (Ireland) 2018-08-01 Oval 01:00:00
Youghal, County Cork (Ireland) 2018-02-14 Cigar 00:10:01
Nenagh, County Tipperary (Ireland) 2017-11-16 Circle 00:20:00
Limerick (Ireland) 2017-11-16 Triangle 00:01:00
Bruff, County Limerick (Ireland) 2017-09-29 Other 01:00:00
Lucan Co. Dublin Ireland 2017-07-17 Oval 1/5 of a second
Kilkenny, County Kilkenny (Ireland) 2017-06-25 Sphere 00:03:00
Kilkenny, County Kilkenny (Ireland) 2017-06-25 Sphere 00:03:00
Ireland (city not specified), 2017-03-15 Triangle 5 seconds
Annestown (Republic of Ireland), 2017-02-15 Diamond 20 minutes
Bray (Ireland) 2017-01-09 Like a eletric lighting 3 hrs
Greystones, County Wicklow (Ireland) 2016-11-19 Circle 01:10:01
Youghal, Co. Cork (Ireland) 2016-07-21 Too fast to know...a bluey white flash covered the wall of our building for one second at 1am inexplicable and electrical noise from outside lasted 30 seconds Flash lasted one second noise lasted 30 seconds
Mullingar (Ireland), 2016-07-16 Triangle 24 seconds
Bray (Ireland) 2016-01-19 Light 10 seconds
Youghal (Ireland) 2015-12-14 Unknown 15 minutes
Clonmel, Tipperary (Ireland) 2015-09-11 Sphere Undisclosed
Kilkenny, Kilkenny (Ireland) 2015-03-08 Sphere 00:00:06
Portarlington, Laois (Ireland) 2014-08-22 Oval Undisclosed
Waterford 2014-08-17 Circle 5 minutes
Waterford 2014-08-17 Circle 5 minutes
Bray, Wicklow (Ireland) 2014-07-20 Circle 00:01:00
Wicklow (Rathnew County)(Rep. of Ireland) 2014-06-06 Circle 01:30
Wicklow (Rathnew County)(Rep. of Ireland) 2014-06-06 Circle 01:30
Sandyford, Dublin (Ireland) 2014-04-01 Trianglelar 1 min
Enniscorthy, Wexford (Ireland) 2013-10-14 Circle, Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Carlow (Ireland) 2013-10-05 Circle 40
Dublin, Dublin (Ireland) 2013-09-01 Boomerang Undisclosed
Limerick, Limerick (Ireland) 2013-08-23 Circle, Fireball 00:02:15
Piltown, Kilkenny (Ireland) 2013-08-12 Sphere 00:02:10
Mullingar, Westmeath (Ireland) 2013-06-02 Fireball, Sphere Undisclosed
Celbridge, Kildare (Ireland) 2013-04-01 Unknown Undisclosed
Dublin, Dublin (Ireland) 2012-12-21 Circle, Fireball 00:01:00
Antrim (Ireland) 2012-11-18 Circle seconds
Kilnamanagh, Dublin (Ireland) 2012-09-30 Circle Undisclosed
Blessington (Wicklow) (Ireland) 2012-09-21 Disk 5 minutes
Kilkenny (Ireland) 2012-08-11 Unknown 15 min
Thurles, County Tipperary (Ireland) 2011-12-22 Fireball Undisclosed
Mullingar (Ireland) 2011-11-25 Unknown photo
Ballyhale, County Kilkenny (Ireland) 2011-10-15 Disc, Sphere Undisclosed
Dublin, Maine (Ireland) 2011-08-06 Disc 00:05:00
Colbinstown (Ireland) 2011-06-01 Cigar 1 minute
Clonmel (Ireland) 2010-10-31 Oval ongoing
Wicklow, County Wicklow (Ireland) 2010-10-04 Triangle 00:22:00
Wicklow, County Wicklow (Ireland) 2010-09-12 Square, Rectagular 00:00:50
Wexford Town (Ireland) 2010-08-12 Triangle 20 sec
Wexford, County Wexford (Ireland) 2010-07-17 Disc Undisclosed
South Kilkenny (Ireland) 2010-07-02 Light
Limerick/Clare border (Ireland) 2010-04-14 Oval 4 Seconds
Courtown (Ireland) 2010-04-10 Oval 2 min
Wexford (Ireland) 2010-02-28 Light 5 minutes
Kilkenny, County Kilkenny (Ireland) 2009-06-20 Cone Undisclosed
Kilkenny, County Kilkenny (Ireland) 2009-06-20 Cone Undisclosed
Gorey, County Wexford (Ireland) 2009-05-29 Unknown Undisclosed
Tramore (Ireland) 2009-01-03 Fireball About 5 mins
Waterford, County Waterford (Ireland) 2008-11-20 Cylinder, Fireball, Flash Undisclosed
Carlow (Ireland) 2008-11-18 Rectangle 7 minutes
Carlow (Ireland) 2008-09-28 Light 5 mins
Newbridge (Ireland) 2007-08-14 Circle 10 minutes
Waterford (Republic of Ireland) 2007-03-01 Light 5mins
Dungarvan (Republic of Ireland) 2007-02-13 Disk 3 minutes
Waterford (Republic of Ireland) 2005-09-30 30
Glen Carain/Tallow, County Waterford (Ireland) 2005-08-25 Triangle, Other Undisclosed
Westmeath (Republic of Ireland) 2005-03-06 Cylinder approx 15 mins
Cashel (Republic of Ireland) 2005-02-05 2 mins
Sedona, MT 2004-09-18 Triangle 1 minute
Waterford (Republic of Ireland) 2004-08-04 Light 1 hour+
Waterford (Republic of Ireland) 2004-06-08 Circle 5 minutes
Ellistown (Republic of Ireland) 2004-03-25 Circle 39 secs
Newcastle, DE 2004-02-28 Circle all night
Portlaoise (Republic of Ireland) 2004-01-27 Triangle 1 minute
Waterford (Republic of Ireland) 2003-04-30 Light 5min
Derry (Republic of Ireland) 2003-01-15 Cigar 25 minutes
Republic of Ireland (on beach) 2001-12-15 Other 2 mins
Wexford (Republic of Ireland) 2001-12-09 Circle 30 sec
Wicklow (Republic of Ireland) 2001-10-19 Egg 3 minutes
Wexford Town (Republic of Ireland) 2001-03-04 Light Less than a minute
Kilkenny (Republic of Ireland) 2001-01-11 Sphere 5 mins
Portlaoise, County Laois (Ireland) 2000-10-11 Disc 00:10:00
Mitchelstown (Republic of Ireland) 2000-10-02 Unknown 5 minutes
Derry (Republic of Ireland) 2000-03-03 Diamond 1 hour
Waterford, County Waterford (Ireland) 2000-02-01 Star-like 00:20:00
Bonmahon (County Waterford (Republic of Ireland) 1998-08-07 Fireball 2-3 seconds