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Deer Lodge, MT

Sighted on Sunday 21. July 2002
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: 15 minutes

UFO spotted near City in MontanaI am a student of Powell County High School, I work at a local fast food restaurant and view my life as better than average. I was with my boyfriend this evening when I noticed the object. I have always had a fascination with ufos... only I didn't beleive and I am not sure I still do. I think the people who "SEE" them are quacks... but... I am definately not a quack. We were on our way up a dirt road when I noticed above a hill about 15 miiles out of town, there was a huge HUGE brilliant light source. I thought nothing of it and started to "Wish upon a star" for fun when I noticed it move very fast up then across to the right. I got the drivers attention and we pulled the car to an abrupt stop. At first we assumed it was a satellite, but it was too close to the earth... actually in the atmosphere. We watched it for a few minutes and noticed it change position constantly. Not very far, but enough to see a streak of light. It was cigar shaped in theory, but seemed to assume different positions so that it seemed almost elliptical or circular. This object seemed only a few thousand miles above or less. After a while we decided if it was still there the next evening it would have been nothing and relaxed in our seats and watched the clouds by the moon. (The position of the craft was NE of the moons position that evening.) We checked on it a few rapid times in the next minutes... paranoid as he was... but when we looked back at exactly 11:07. It was gone!!! I was unfortunate to have any camera, but i will keep mine attatched to my hip from now on. I know how important fact is to science. (I want to be a meteorologist.) Good luck in any investigation.((NUFORC Note: We presume that the sighting occurred during the evening. We have amended the time here. PD))

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