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Ajo, AZ

Sighted on Saturday 17. August 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 2.5hrs

numerous red/blue stationary objects in the az desert sky.While visiting my daughter in Ajo Az. I was up late with a friend. I noticed the lights in the sky. My friend that they always see them. I began to noticed that there were approximately 15 in the sky. Some above 2 to the west but mostly all of them were in the eastern sky. A few seem to be in a distinct pattern 3 verticly and 1 on either side. We also noticed movement on a couple of them. I viewed them through binoculars and there appeared to be the the same light pattern on all objects. Half red, half blue. They stayed in the same position all morning long (0300-~0530).I contacted the ASU physics and astronomy dept. to get more info on satelite characteristics. I also read up on the internet about satelites. Nothing I read could explain or com close to the characterstics of these lights/objects. They suggested it was possibly aircraft or dirty binoculars. Absolutely not! An airplane cannot hold it pattern like that and the binoculars were clean.They are still up there at night and numerous people in town have noticed them.

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