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Uttar Pradesh (India)

Sighted on Monday 29. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Rectangle | Duration: India

29th july 2002 uttarpradesh india,it was between 12-4 am when some villagers witnessed a glowing light in the night sky ,due to the extereme heat these days the villagers here were sleeping outside their houses on the roof tops and in their yards when they saw the glowing lights in the sky some of them said it was glowing like fireflies it started to to hover over them ,some of them actually toched it and said it was very smooth one of the villagers said that when it hovered over his house the electricity failed .now the villagers are very terrified to sleep outside the houses not one district in the village but several villages wittnesed the bizzare light ,the same night the power grid failed and two staes madhya pradesh and maharashtra were in total darkness this might be a coincidence but one cannot ignore the that their might be some relation between these two incidents experts say that the sighting might be a projection of mind and the local official believe that it might be some device to set up some conspiracy .but (moohnochava) as the local call the thing meaning the facesnatchers cannot be the projection of of these many people saw it in different district as well((NUFORC Note: Many other reports from India of this phenomenon. PD))

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