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Bluefield/Green Valley, WV

Sighted on Monday 29. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 2 hours

Strange lights in the sky, Bluefield West Virginia July 29-30 2002I was looking at what I thouhgt was Venus and I thought it was too bright, so I looked around the sky yo see if any other stars were shining that brightly. Basicly I turned my head, and when I looked back toward the planet/star, it was gone. This gave me a creepy feeling at first but was soon replaced by more wonder. Right there where the planet/star was a minute ago, there were 2 lights, not as bright as the other stars at first and they were moving. They flashed and blinked blue , red and white. They moved very slowly and finaly disappeared behind a mountain. This was to the north of me. I thought that this was extemely odd, then I saw another two lights , possibly the same ones , so I went and got my camcorder. They floated out of sight just like the first two, and as soon as they were gone there would be two more. They seemed to travel in pairs or threes. This pattern repeated. I had probably seen ten or twelve of these lights when I looked over to the east and what looked like a helicopter shining a spotlight was coming right at me. It came within 100 yards and then turned and moved into some trees , I could still see it betwwen the trees and finaly it disappeard. This object made no sound at all. The other lights came and went for about 2 hours and then finaly stopped at about 12:30 AM. None of these objects made any noise and moved very slowly. To the naked eye there seemed to be something coming off of these objects, not like smoke but more like an aura or a haze. I haven't been given an explanation for these sightings. I have about an hour of video where you can plainly see how slow they move and that they made no noise. I have the strange spotlight on video as well, the images are shaky because it is a cheap 8mm camera and i couldnt see the lights through the viewfinder so I wasnt sure I was getting them on film. I just got lucky. And when I went to study the tapes , I came to a conclusion that these pairs and threes of lights were most likely not seperate crafts but one larger craft. I foun! d this a fter examining the video and saw how the lights blinked in a rotating sequence. My mother witnessed these events as well. All I can come up with is that they were some sort of balloons. Thats the only aircraft that I can imagine would move so slowly and so close together and in such numbers. The helicopter like light is what confuses me. The only thing that could have manuveured the way this thing did would be a helicopter. Actualy I dont think that a helicopter could have flown through the trees the way this thing did. It seemed to shine a light right down at me the way a helicopter would. And it was probably less than 100 yard away. The odd thing is that it was silent,not even a hum, so I have no clue what it was. At about midnight or just after , a jet flew through the sky right through were these other objects were, but it came from a different direction, the south.It was obviously a jet because it moved fast and made a jetlike noise. After this I only saw 1 more set of lights. My mother and I both concluded that these were not airplanes or helicopters because of the speed and the lack of sound. I am 31 years old, I have no obsession with the parnormal, I did like X Files I will admit , but that was mostly because of how hot Scully was. lol. So I am not claiming to have seen alien craft or martians. But I realy can't explain these lights and maybe someone else out there saw them too and will read this.

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