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Agria - Volos (Greece), .

Sighted on Thursday 05. September 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 40 - 50 secs

Dancing Lights over Greek sky.The event took place almost an hour ago, moments after midnight on Wednesday September 4th.While walking from South to North direction in Agria - Volos - GREECE, we saw three lights moving in parallel from east to west. The middle light was bouncing between the other two lights, moving like a pendulum. Soon after that the formation changed into a triangle that was continuously changing shape and dimension. Just as they were reaching Kassiopeia they aligned again and performed a very tight and fast 180 degrees turn without any reduction in speed. Right after the turn, the formation started changing again. For a moment the lights gathered close forming a bright single light but almost immediately it broke again in to the three lights, until it dissapeared in the light cloud generated by the nearby city of Volos (east).The Sky was clear with no clouds.The lights were as bright as a not-so-bright star, but there were fairly easy to spot, mainly because of their highspeed.

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