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Kingsland, GA

Sighted on Sunday 29. September 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 5 minutes

Triangular object over elementary schoolI was sitting at my computer next to our sliding glass door that leads to an enclosed back porch. Our back yard ends about 50-60 feet at the edge of a mostly pine forest. A light through a small gap in the trees caught my eye. I got my 16X binoculars and went on the back porch to sit on a couch and brace my hands against a small ledge that runs under the windows to get a steady view. When I focused on the light, I suddenly gasped at what I saw. I saw a bright white light with four smaller, dimmer white lights around it that would form a perfect plus sign if an imaginary line were drawn between them through the larger light. I believe I could barely make out an outline of an isosceles triangle, with the base about 60-70% of the length of the sides. The corners were rounded. This light configuration was toward the base of the triangle, centered along the centerline. There was also another bright light, a little dimmer and smaller, along the centerline toward the point of the triangle. I also believe I could barely make out a dim red glow in the center of the triangle. I looked at the moon and it was out of focus. I adjusted the focus one way and the moon came in. I refocused on the object, and had to focus the other direction to bring the trees into focus. This told me it was not a star I was seeing, but something between the trees and moon. I went out the front door and across the street to see if I could see it above the trees, but I saw nothing. After a few minutes I went back to the porch and all I could see was a star that was not as bright and in a slightly different location. About a half mile through the woods in that direction is David L. Rainer Elementary School. I would estimate the object was about 1000-1500 feet over the school. Despite this "sighting", I still want to see one up close, where it is unmistakeable, for me to say for sure there are UFOs. By the way, I was completely sober.

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