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Lisbon (Portugal)

Sighted on Monday 09. September 2002
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Shape: Chevron | Duration: 2 '

chevron formed by dim white lights moving north-southI was standing in my varanda smoking a cigarrete when, as usually, I looked at the sky to watch the stars. I was struck by a dim moving shape coming from my left (that is from north). Though this is a quite inhabited area, the sky was very bright and the stars quite visible. It was a chevron formed by several dim lights (10 more or less), just like stars, but with a litlle less brilliance, moving together towards south (in between the lights it was plain black). It just moved slowly, and calculating through the angular disposition of the chevron, it was high in the sky, more or less at the same altitude as cruising airline airplanes . Nevertheless it had none of the usual characteristics of an airplane (no red or white flickering lights, which I usually see either in low altitude during landing procedures in the nearby airport, or at high altitude since in Lisbon it appears to exist an important radio reference). I noticed, however, that one of the snmall lights got out of the formation and disapeared. That is to say that I've never seen nothing like it. Of course, it hadn´t any specularity. It continued to move slowly towards south (I thought to wake up my wife, but I knew that the shape would soon run out of view). And so it was, continuing to move southwards, till the cheveron lights disaparead due to the distance.No sound was heard. I wrote this description because it fits the report from Wisconsin the 5th September I've just read.

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