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Curitiba - S of Brazil (Brazil)

Sighted on Monday 30. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 30'

Visitors?I suddenly woke up gasping at about 3:30am and heard my twelve dogs barking and found it strange to hear birds (at this time of the year they start at about 5:45am) so early and in the dark.I stayed in bed and my husband woke up and opened the window in the dark and we noticed that despite of the heavily clouded weather it was light as if it was full moon (I even thought it was much later in the morning). My back yard is quite big (80 meters long) and we cannot see the back wall from our window unless it is a very bright night.I waited for him in bed and paid attention to what was happening. He stayed at the window for about half an hour and I noticed that it was dark again and the birds had gone quiet and the dogs stopped running and barking. He went back to bed and told me what he had seen: our dogs were barking to the back of the yard, sniffing around the trees tracking something and our doberman was barking to the top of the wall. He looked up ready to take his gun to make some noise, for he thought someone was trying to invade our property. Then he looked up and saw there was a "person" standing still on the top of the wall. As he said he thought it was a person but our wall is about 2.5 meters high (+- 8 ft)and the person was as tall as the wall. He got so astonished that all he could do was stare. He said the person might have noticed being observed and walked very lightly to the corner of the wall and did not jump, just walked off the wall as if walking off the stairs in a house. Right after that, he said, it went dark again like someone turned off the light ( I noticed that too ). In the morning he talked to some of his friends (military) who later confirmed (unofficially, of course) that several people, including military people, reported the unusual brightness of the sky from different points of the city.((NUFORC Note: Date apparently is approximate. PD))

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