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Lake Kabetogama, MN

Sighted on Saturday 28. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 15 seconds

My 2 friends and I were star gazing in the southern sky,almost straigt above, when we all witnessed that looked like 3 satelites moving together in a arrow shaped formation, they were of the same brightness and size of satelites. None of us had ever witnessed 2 or more satelites moving together before, which made us all wonder if they were satelites. They seemed to be individual, and not a perfect formation. The first one in front disappeared after about 12 seconds then the next 2 disappeared a couple seconds later.((NUFORC Note: We suspect the witnesses observed the three satellites that move in formation, and which are reported to our Center frequently. They are thought to be three U. S. Navy satellites, which are part of the "N.O.S.S." program. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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International Falls, MN 2011-09-04 Oval 15 secs.
International Falls, MN 2011-09-04 10-15 sec.
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Fort Frances, Ontario (Canada) 2009-07-11 Cigar Undisclosed
Crane Lake, Minnesota (United States) 2008-08-21 Sphere 00:00:30
None (Voyageurs national Park), MN 2008-07-31 Light 10-15 seconds
International Falls, MN 2006-08-01 Light 3 minutes
Loman, MN 2006-04-24 Light 35 Minutes
Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada) 2005-12-10 Disc, Sphere, Unknown 00:12:00
Bigfork, MN 2005-11-02 Unknown Approx. 10 min.
Emo (Canada), ON 2005-08-04 Light 30 min +
Fort Frances (Canada), ON 2002-01-07 Disk unknown
Gheen, MN 2001-06-29 Unknown 1-3 minutes
Fort Frances (Canada), ON 1998-07-20 Rectangle 15 seconds
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Lake Vermillion, MN 1998-07-05 Disk 1 1/2 hours
Little Fork, MN 1993-07-10 Other 10 minutes
Fort Frances (Canada), ON 1979-08-01 Other 3-5min
Stratton, Ontario (Canada) 1973-06-10 Cigar 00:05:00