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Hayward, WI

Sighted on Thursday 10. October 2002
Reported on
Shape: Flash | Duration: 00:43

we saw pure a light that occasionaly split into 3 to 4 different lights.Me and my friends were walking down the road and we noticed a flashing pure light. this light was never there before, because it was by our radio hill. then we stopped and the flashing kept moving around and then the light would ocasionally split into 3 to 4 different lights and go back. but we only saw one mainly. The light was at a 30-35 degree angle horizontal from or location. It apeared to be a sphereical light becase when it flashed the light came out in all directions and i can allso tell that it was below the clouds because when it flashed it lit up the clouds behind it above it and below it. I have lived here many years and have never seen a light like that before . We could also see it moving slowly we could tell this because we compared it to a tree branch by it and the light of the radio tower. it seemed to spit one flash but by the time the next flash took place it rejoined to one; possibly could be tight formation at long range doing maneuvering and the rejoining formation. Sorry for the miss spelling but i am a little shaken up. i hope i included all infromation. needed.the event duratoin is only how long we were out there we just came in and it was still there we're kinda freaked out sorry if that affects the report.((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether there might have been a revolving advertising light in the area, but that is only a guess. PD))

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