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Cesena (Italy)

Sighted on Monday 21. October 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 30 min

Cesena landingI was drivind toward home from Bologna in Rimini direction when I notice two lights on the sky , similar of a plane in landing approach, it was slow then normal plane, the lights where two and orange-white cristal colors on each side of the craft. At one point he turn sharp left with and start descending at a stip angle, around 50 ' 60 deg., to much for a normal plane. I thought it was a plane in truoble. I can still see both lights but much smaller. It then desappear on landing stage. My view was cover from motorways trafic. Two minutes later it appear again on my left hand side (north) high in the sky, around 1500 ft still for about 15 sec, then he turn toward the north in a fast acceleration routating 360 deg., I can just see both side lights turning a full circle and gone. Two minutes later it happear againg still in the sky around 2500 ft for another two/three minutes and next time I turn my head, as I was driving south/east he was west around 11 o'clock, it was gone.

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