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Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Sighted on Wednesday 18. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 1hour

See photos sent to your email address((NUFORC Note: We looked at both photos, and quickly concluded that they are images of a lenticular-shaped cloud above Tenerife. PD))

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Top 100 nearest sightings ordered by sighting date (100 miles radius):

Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Alcalá, Tenerife, Spain 2022-11-05 Sphere 10 seconds
San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Spain) 2019-01-28 Other 00:03:00
Tacoronte, Canarias (Spain) 2017-01-23 Cigar
Playa El Médano. Sta. Cru, Canarias (Spain) 2016-05-15 Blimp, Boomerang, Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Cone, Chevron, Circle, Cross, Cylinder, Diamond, Disc, Egg, Fireball, Flash, Oval, Saturn-like, Sphere, Square, Rectangular, Star-like, Teardrop, Triangle, Other, Unknown, N, A Undisclosed
Callao Salvaje, Canarias (Spain) 2016-03-27 Cigar 00:00:05
Callao Salvaje, Canarias (Spain) 2016-03-06 Sphere 00:01:00
Buzanada, Canarias (Spain) 2016-01-14 Triangle Undisclosed
Callao Salvaje, Canarias (Spain) 2015-12-20 Boomerang Undisclosed
Callao Salvaje, Canarias (Spain) 2015-11-24 Square, Rectangular Undisclosed
Adeje, Canarias (Spain) 2015-11-18 Circle Undisclosed
La Orotava, Canarias (Spain) 2014-11-30 Other Undisclosed
Tenerife South Airport (Tenerife), 2013-08-18 Disk 2 minutes
Arona, Canarias (Spain) 2013-02-23 Disc 00:20:00
Teide National Park, Canarias (Spain) 2012-04-29 Oval Undisclosed
Tenerif (Spain) 2012-04-27 Cigar unknown
Tenerife, Canarias (Spain) 2011-07-31 Flash, Other Undisclosed
Costa Adeje (Tenerife) 2009-07-19 Triangle 5-10 seconds
Los Cristianos (Tenerife) 2008-12-12 Triangle 1 minute
Playa de las Americas (Spain) 2008-06-13 Cigar 1 second max
Arona, Canarias (Spain) 2008-06-13 Blimp, Cigar 00:00:01
Las Americas (Tenerife, Canary Islands) 2005-11-04 Light seconds
Los Realejos (Tenerife Island/Spain) 2003-04-11 Oval 00:00:20
Los Cristianos, Canary Islands (Spain) 2001-07-31 Sphere Undisclosed
Los Americas (Laguna Park 1 Hotel) (Tenerife) 2000-10-15 Circle 45 seconds
Valle Gran Rey, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) 1993-05-10 Cylinder 00:07:30