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Afyon (Turkey)

Sighted on Friday 01. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration:

Just read this: http://www.siriusufo.org/engnews/haber.htm((NUFORC Note: The following excerpt from the URL is below: "THE DETAILS OF THE SIGHTING WITNESSED BY A TOTAL OF 6 DIFFERENT CREWS, THE REPORTS THAT WERE SUBMITTED TO OUR RESEARCH CENTER AND TO THE FLIGHT SAFETY DEPARTMENT BY PILOTS ARE AS FOLLOWS:DATE: NOVEMBER 1, 2002 TIME : 05:30 - 05:45 ALTITUDE: BETWEEN 22.000 AND 36.000 FEET LOCATION: BETWEEN AFYON AND YALOVA"NUFORC has looked at the site, and at the video provided there, and in our opinion, the event appears to be most like a re-entry event of space debris. For similar reports from two airliner crews over Canada on May 08, 2002, please see here: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S22779.html PD))

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Afyon (Turkey) 2001-06-24 Light 90
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