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Wyreema (Australia)

Sighted on Thursday 02. January 2003
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 5 seconds

Pale blue oval shaped light turns at right angles and disappears.Driving home late last night,looking through the front windscreen of our car, my wife and I both saw a bright pale blue, oval shaped object . It travelled from left to right about one third of the way across the windscreen and turned away from us at ninety degrees and travelled about half way down the windscreen, it did a little left to right wiggle and disappeared. I think it would have been about five kilometres away , it was a clear night on a country road, it appeared and disappeared with nothing blocking our view and the whole event took place in less then five seconds. When I saw it I said nothing to my wife because I have never seen anything like that and didn't know what it was but I was spooked when my wife said "what the f##k was that" with a stunned look on her face.

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