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Chiloquin, OR

Sighted on Friday 06. December 2002
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 45minutes

6 rotating,flashing spheres of colored light,in night sky above Chiloquin Ridge, OregonLooking to the southeast of Chiloquin Ridge we saw 6 spheres of flashing light just below the treeline.These balls of light seemed to be rotating and flashing red,blue green,and gold lights.for 10 or so minutes the lights bounced and moved erratically in the sky,after which it appeared they were flashing to each other for several minutes,and then proceeded to form a v formation and flew in sort of circle for another few minutes before separating and began bouncing and moving erratically again,finally moving farther out in the sky.Also, while the lights were in the treeline -there was also a bright light below them,backlighting the trees,making the forest floor, and manzanita bushes glow.we watched this for about 45 minutes before these lights stopped flashing and moved very quickly toward the south and dissappeared,the bright light in the forest below went out,leaving us in pitch black darkness. My husband and my self are in our late 40's ,college educated ,myself now a full time house wife,my husband holds a managerial position at a local company,our son 13 is in jr.high school.The three of us observed these lights after going out to close up the barn and put the dog up for the night.

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