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Halls Gap (near Melbourne) (NSW, Australia)

Sighted on Saturday 16. November 2002
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 30 seconds

Metallic sphere travelling West to East and the vertical at great speedI was sitting on the back balcony of the Hall's Gap Tavern after a day seeing the sites around the local mountains. I had just taken a picture of a commercial jet travelling west to either Perth or Adelaide simply because I liked the look of the vapour trail.I started watching two feathers floating in the air. They were joined by a spider web and meandered about on the very light breeze. There was not a cloud in the sky. I then spotted what I thought was another white feather or possibly a thistle down floating in the same vicinity. The quite odd thing about this object was that it wasn't floating about aimlessly like a wind born object, it was going dead straight from west to east across the sky. It was difficult to focus on because it was a fair distance away. I stared at it for a few seconds before realizing that I'd better take a picture. I moved out onto the lawn I took one photograph despite the size and distance. As I stared at it longer it diminished in size and eventually stopped eastward movement. I realized that it was heading directly upward from my position at this stage. It's movement was possibly an arc from the point I first observed the object to the point that it disappeared from view directly above me. It made no noise. Left no trail. It appeared to be round in shape with no wings.The object is too small to discern properly, it's obscure to say the least. I have no scientific evidence as to what this is...however....I know what I saw, I know how it moved and no man made object I've ever seen can move like this thing did.Description: Light metallic coloured sphere First sighting: 20 degrees above the horizon, west of Hall's Gap, Victoria Australia, 2:56 pm, Saturday 16 November 2002.Estimated Height: originally 10,000 metres (based on relative position compared to location of commercial jet vapour trail) to 20,000 metres (best guess) at the point it became very difficult to see.Time taken to traverse to 90 degree position (directly above my position): 20 seconds Distance travelled: 33,000 metres (70 degree movement from 10,000 metres to 20,000 metres vertical in an arc) at 6,000 kph

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