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Calcutta (India), .

Sighted on Monday 28. October 2002
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 2 minutes

UFO seen from roof.I was standing on my roof with my brother, when i saw 2 circular craft flying in the sky towards us. I thought it could be jet's or something . But as it came closer i was posetive that it was not any jet's,but a UFO. Wher i live UFO activitis is very very rare,so i doubted my beleaf but still those crafts were looked like nothing but UFO.the sky was as clear as crystal.They were possibly silver in color.I dont exactly say they were UFO's,but what else could they be.They did not look like anything familiar to me.oh , one thing they really made soft noise.

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Diamond Harbour (India) 2014-07-29 Chevron 5 seconds
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