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Gordes-Manisa (Turkey)

Sighted on Sunday 01. December 2002
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: one month

We see the same objects even on claudy days. They are always on different locations.We work on a marble mine about 1100mt above sea level. The area we are working on is very rich on different kind of mines. Almost every night after dark we observe strange lights hanging on the sky. Some of them change color (blue to red). They do not stay at the same spot and they move forward, backward, up and down. More strange, when we flash a strong light through one of these objects, they slowly go back and dissepear, then they come back to the same spot. Sometimes, they move so fast from one spot to another that they leave a light track. Some of them come down over a coil mine which is about 10 km away from us. Sometimes dogs start barking, we go out, check arround but we could not see anything.((NUFORC Note: Date and time of alleged sightings are not indicated by witness. PD))

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