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Ivins, UT

Sighted on Monday 14. October 2002
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 3-5 seconds

Three fireballs appeared which emitted orange/yellow beams, faded in, then out.It was pitch dark and me and my good friend were watching the night sky. We both heard weird looping sounds that were low-pitched and repeated several times. The both of us were pretty scared so we ran back to the road. But we decided to check it out. Then Me and my friend saw three fireballs that were orange in color. VERY BRIGHT! the first one appeared then shot an orange beam to the right, the second fire ball appeared and caught the beam. The second fireball shot to a 3rd fireball which appeared. it looked like this o--o--o Then the three fireballs disappeared, right after that an even brighter single fireball appeared. It faded in for 2 secs. then faded out.over all it look like this O o--o--o * this experience happened in the desert in an area where no civilization is present*((NUFORC Note: The design indicated by the witness in his original report did not survive the transfer from the report form to our database. PD))

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