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Sighted on Sunday 17. November 2002
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Shape: Other | Duration: 5 minuites

conversation without a wordI was having a date with a girl in a cafe when we decited to go for a ride with my motorbike to a place she told me that she like a lot. We went there and we were talking.The place was so quiet that i could hear even her stomac air moving but it was also very cold,when sutently i felt very hot,at first i didnt realise that something was going wrong till the flash light and the strange car apeared next to us no lights were on it but you could watch it very clear in the night.We stayed there could't move from fear till the man, a normal human came out of that strange car and asked me not with words or any speach but with a way i can't explain,"maybe like telepathy" something i never felt before or thought that i could do.He asked me " If i saw any stange smoke there and i answered no its night i could't see any smoke.After that he went into that car and disapeared again with out any flash this time. Me and the girl went home and promise not to tell anyone,so we did till now.

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